Ohne Titel (Rack I) / Untitled (Rack I), 2012
metal, powder coating, 300x123x90cm

The two large displays, Untitled (Rack I) and Untitled (Rack II), are metal mounts that are used in the powder coating industry. In their original usage, car rims, windowsills, and other objects to be coated are attached to these mounts and then treated in the coating unit. The colorful pieces that Ruhry arranges in his sculptures are the leftovers of this process.

They seem like a logical progression from his previous works, where materials and industrial standards defined colors. In Untitled (Rack I) and Untitled (Rack II), the colors are applied by hand, not by the artist or after aesthetic decisions, but every single objet trouvé in Ruhry’s arrangement has a random pigmentation and is therefore unique.