Speak, Clown! 01.05.2013
Speak, Clown!
Opening 10.05.2013 18:00
Duration 11.05.2013 – 08.06.2013

Participating artists Matthew John Atkinson, Maria Bajt, Marianne Basualdo, Cecilia Bonilla, Mel Brimfield, Pearl C. Hsiung, Dan Coombs, Max Gimson, Lilli Hartmann, Renata Hegyi, Aly Helyer, Emilia Holt, Ansel Krut, Edward Lipski, Kate Lyddon, Alastair MacKinven, Valentin Ruhry, Tim Stoner, Willem Weismann

Curated by Hotel Swirly-Whirly
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15 Clerkenwell Close
EC1R 0AA London

HOtEL SWiRly-WhIRLy SpITS the BlAck Bile, YEllOw bile, PHleGm & blOOd of….

RAinBOw BITEs ! / GiMPo & SOns / BiM-BoM BoNNIE-LASs / MuGGleS McBriMfey / DaNNy VaN TooMBS-tOnE / WHiSKeRs-CAtKiNs ‘n’ SoN / Li’l’ HARD MaN / mRs HeDGyi-HOGGy / ALly-PaLLy eL LIAr ! / ThE NuTs ‘n’ HOlts HOBo / ThE PeArlY QUeeN / AMSteL O’ SOur-KRaUT / pAttyKAkE VoN LYdL-BAg / edWEirDo LIPs KiSs / AbRACa-DaBRa VaN MAcK! / juDGE JiGGLes ‘N’ RUhrY / tHE ROlLInG STonER / MAcaROoNI “wHERe’s WAldo?” BaLLoONy / SilLy-WIlLY-WISe-MAN.

+ (plus). PoTAit O’ TATTy-NAiLS performs a merry (yet MELANCHOLIC), big (yet SMALL), loud (yet SILENT), dance! (opening night only). Our FoR-FAR’s CAkEhOLes once SPat.  sO CoME YE ‘n’ Spits your phlEgG! Spits your mustar’ peppe’ BiLe! An’ spits yor blOOd! But CuMme ‘ere ‘ither Ye MUST!

- BrOThEL SWOrLy-WHoRlY [c.1380]

 Hosted by FOLD Gallery | London and brought to you by Hotel Swirly-Whirly, Speak, Clown!, was conceived in kinship with the surrealists, the pre-surrealist visionaries, and psycho-pathological art. It brings together works that touch upon the whole gamut of the comic and draws heavily from the culturally rooted concepts of the four humours (sanguine, choleric, melancholic and phlegmatic).

Expect to be disturbed, perturbed, amused and confused in equal measures.

Plus a one night only performance by Neal Tait.