2012 : 2084

Duration 22.06.2012 – 01.07.2012

Participating artists Dawn Philips, Elleser Galleta, Matthew Pozorski, Valentin Ruhry, Akihiko Miyoshi

Curated by Colleen O´Connor

Recently, there seems to be an over abundance of technology, stimulation and connectivity, which is rapidly influencing and impacting our relationships, communication and understanding of ourselves. This remote availability to others has us bounding along a new road map where unreachable is unacceptable and communication is done through screens and windows, but rarely in person. Stephen Marche writes in his recent article for The Atlantic, that social media, although making us more connected than ever, is also making us lonelier, and questions what this is doing to our souls and society. In 1949, when George Orwell wrote 1984, the television set had yet to become a fixture in the home and the possibility of individuals being monitored ceaselessly through these screens seemed impossible and terrifying. Now, we post our personal information, location and habits freely into cyberspace for all to view and witness without a second thought. The exhibition 2084 questions our reaction to this advancement in technology and connectivity, and tries to understand how identities are being shaped within this context.