All Work No Play 01.10.2012
All Work No Play
Opening 04.10.2012 19:00
Duration 05.10.2012 – 18.01.2013

Participating artists Nina Hoechtl, Luke McCreadie, Valentin Ruhry

Curated by Eva Martischnig, Adriana Marques
Show location on Google Maps. austrian cultural forum london
28 Rutland Gate
SW7 1PQ London

A group exhibition presented by the Visual Arts Platform at the Austrian Cultural Forum London. 

After Formless, an evening of events in May, for the exhibition “All Work No Play” the artists Nina Hoechtl, Luke McCreadie and Valentin Ruhry will work together to combine their very diverse practices from performance to sculpture and film, in order to open up the concept of play.

The artists will engage with the idea of play, conscious of its relation to the omnipresent Olympic games. Play in all its forms is a strategy, it can be a bad strategy as easily as it can be a good one. It can be used as an escape or as a way of confronting something. What is most interesting about this word is that it is not easily pinned down. As a verb it does not easily describe any one thing in particular. Play is an understatement as a term, but as a process it can lead to a freeing of previous constraints and offer the opportunity to stop, admit mistakes and try again. As an abstract notion of discovery, playing can be slippery, elusive and meaningless or it can offer the potential for unchartered and entirely new ground. It can be the repetition of old habits or a kind of prospecting for a latent realisation of content. They will explore the paradox of the throw away nature usually associated with play and the possibility that something serious might come of it.